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Decks and Bindings

Core freeboard deck

You have a selection of several sizes. You choose the deck size according to your height and personal preference. Selection of the deck size is important and you should pay atention to what size of snowboard you prefer and to set stance you have adjusted on your snowboard. Core freeboard deck is similar to a skateboard deck. The board is made from 7 layers of high quality Canadian maple, coated with a quality non-slip grip tape and there are holes for mounting trucks and two holes for mounting Core freeboard bindings. Put the bindings in holes further from the center of the board. If you prefer a smaller stance, put the bindings in holes that are closer to the center, but we prefer to always put the bindigs in the holes on the edge. The other holes are ment for little kids, which would need a shorter board than 75 cm. To select the correct size of board, use the following chart:

Core freeboard trucks

Core freeboard truck consists of several parts. The axel, hangar and the base with center a wheel. Due to the side edge wheels we can make sharp carving turns. And there is a special center wheel that rotates through 360° degrees and is mounted on the base. This wheel provides the perfect snowboard motion. The central wheel sits closer to the ground than the side wheel, so it acts like the base of a snowboard and due to this fact you can slide. You can easily adjust the hight of the central wheel with a tool. That can change the stability and sliding option. Lowering the central wheel to the same level or close to the level of the edge wheels will eliminate the sliding motion. Good for beginners or freestyle riding.


Core freeboard bindings

Special Core freeboard bindings are mounted on top of the Core freeboard. Bindings are fully adjustable, you can set angles from -30° to +30°, as well as on a snowboard and set the height so that you properly fit with your riding shoes. Unlike the snowboard bindings, it is half open and you can jump out of it whenever needed. With the bindings tight, you have more control when transferring weight from the tips on the heel, and braking. You can also do ollie as well as on a snowboard.


Core freeboard wheels are made of special heavy duty rubber and a special technology that will last a long time and are much better than the conventional skateboard wheels. The wheels are tested with excellent results. Outstanding feature of these wheels is, that they have great durability, and also better absorb ruff surface.