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What is Core freeboard?

Do you like snowboarding, but hate situations when there is no snow or can’t be in the mountains? The answer exists and it‘s called freeboarding. Thanks to the special trucks, Core freeboard acts just like a snowboard you can brake or slow down whenever you like. You have full control over its speed. You can go fast, but if you like to ride slow, you can easyly control speed with sliding – you will go just as fast as you want. Just like on a snowboard! Do you like jumps, rails and freestyle in the park? No problem, every skate park or streetspot can be your snow park, it is up to you how you use Core freeboard! Core freeboard - that’s snowboarding! Basic Core freeboard characteristic:                 Freestyle riding: Even that Core freeboard seems like a skateboard, riding on it is totally different! Freeboarding is just like snowboarding because of special Core freeboard trucks. There are six Wheels on a freeboard in general. Four on the side (edge wheels), so you can make a sharp carv. And 2 center wheels which stimulate the base of a snowboard and they alow you to slide. With these wheels you can ride sideways, rotate 360 degrees and more. More information about Core freeboard parts here!