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Core freeboard set up

Customizing your Core freeboard is very important, same as customizing a snowboard. It is important that everything is set right, because it has a big impact on how quickly you learn to control it and how well you will ride.

Setting up your trucks

Setting up the trucks is very individual and depends on your personal preference. Some riders prefer looser trucks, some tighter. In general, the tighter trucks, the better at higher speeds and the ride is more stable. Some riders recommend having the back truck tighter than the truck in the front. That makes it slide easyer and turn better. Some riders are different and so is their truck setup. It is therefore a good to test ride both tightened trucks and loose. And find out what settings are you more comfortable with. As a general rule, looser trucks curve better and slide less, while the tight curve and turn less and slide better.

Setting the center wheel

In our opinion it is best to have the center wheels as far from the deck as possible. Core freeboard is the most playful and is easier to slide. If you set the center wheel low, than there is a bigger risk that if you go over rough and uneven surface, you can catch an edge and fall.

It is recommended experimenting with the height of the wheel in the begining. It is good to set the center wheel one or two steps lower - the Core freeboard is then more stable and less wobbly. Although it is then necessary to use little more power to bring out the sliding motion. It is easier to learn this way and slowly while gaining experience, increasing the hight of the center wheel. Core freeboard then behaves more like a snowboard and it‘s easyer to slide. Many riders set the center wheel on the lower levels while in the skatepark, because while freestyleing you need more stability and less sliding motion. Lowering the center wheel makes Core freeboard closer to a skateboard.

Setting up Bindings

It is very important to adjust the bindings so that you are comefortable. If you ride a snowboard, you should meet the same position and angles as you have set on your snowboard bindings. Adjust the height of the binding so that you are comfortable, but very tight. The correct position in the binding is that once you are tight in the binding, the heel and the toe should be both sticking out the same lenght over the edge of the board.

Mounting the Core freeboard

To build the Core freeboard you will need a phillips head screwdriver, 10mm and 12 mm wrench a imbuss.

Attaching the truck to the board

- pierce the grip tape that has pre-drilled holes for the trucks.

- push-bolts from the top of the board and put trucks on the bottom side, with the middle wheels inward, then tighten the screws properly. The bolt head should be tightened but in level with the wooden deck (not deeper)

Attaching the bindings

- choose which of the two holes will meet your stance position on the board (Always use the side holes unless your highth or desired stance is much smaller than the specific board is made for.) Pierce the black non-slip grip tape on the top side panel using the IMBUS, whitch you got with the Core freeboard.

- push-bolts, but this time from the underside of the board! Adjust the angle of the bindings to suit your position, and tighten screws. Make sure the metal binding part is screwed on the deck with the sticking part up towards the middle.

- slide the plastic top of the binding on the metal base and set the height-adjustable screws so that your feet are comfortable and your foot is in the middle of the board. As in step Seting up bindings.

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